Employee: 500 workers

Capacity: 30 000 pieces per Week (boxed and hanging)

Equipments: Over 500 standard and specialised machines, Fabric control machine, Cutting table, metal detector, advanced warehousing unit


Our production capacity is between 25,000 to 30,000 garments per week, depending on the complexity of styling.


In the cutting department, there are two semi- automatic laying up tables measuring twenty meters in addition to three band knives for block cutting.


Also located in the cutting room there is a fabric inspection machine, in-house strip cutting, heat transfer facility, and a bank of conveyer fusing machines for interlining.


For the sewing process, SOMITEX MOROCCO has in excess 400 varied sewing machines on 10lines.


SOMITEX MOROCCO also has specialised machines like Shirring, Pin tucking, Picot, Waistband , Blind Hems , Cover Seams , Bar tack and all the Button sews are lockstitch for added security. In addition to 3 metal detectors.(Lock inspection needle check gold.)


SOMITEX MOROCCO has an in house quality team and mechanics. Its needle policy is very strict with dedicated stuff supervising this.


In the warehouse, we can deal with either hanging or flat packs. It is equipped with a hanging garment system and has a capacity of 100,000 garments.


The computer system has recently been upgraded and is now networked to each department to provide up-dated information on all styles throughout the different stages of production. This allows SOMITEX MOROCCO to provide its customers with fast and accurate information.



Mr Abdelhai Bessa – Managing Director

57, Av Abu bakrSedik, Zone Industrielle.

Hay Rahma

Salé, Morocco

Tel: +(212) 5 37852064/73

Fax: +(212) 5 37851944





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